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Ada Bojana beach in Montenegro

This is one of my favourite places for summer vacation. It is located in Montenegro where river Bojana is meeting the sea . Serbian people consider Montenegro a brother country with mostly same people speaking same language. On Ada Bojana there are a lot of people from Serbia, Montenegro but also foreign travelers.
It used to be even more interesting few years ago because it was a wild beach with only 2 small restaurant operating and not many people. Nowdays there are many more bars and restaurants and camping on the beach is not so liberal. My favourite place is called “Culture center” (“Dom kulture“) and it is located next to the mouth of the river Bojana.


“Dom Kulture”


This place is operated by a few locals, interesting guys who are into music and art. One of the owners was in 80’s band “Gospoda Glembajevi” and he often joins musicians during the night.
Next to the bar is a small stage with drums, guitars and amps and PA system. But there are no scheduled bands and gigs 🙂 This is what makes this space very special and very crazy. You never know what you will find there and when. Anybody willing and able to play can play. I heard some top professional musicians starting a session there after few drinks in the middle of the night.  Of course sometimes there are some pretty bad musicians but that just makes things interesting.
In front of the bar is a big fire on the beach. During the night many people are sitting there having a drink and listening to the music.

People here are mostly campers. You can rent a camping place next to some bar or you can choose a free forest camping. Alternatively there are a small river houses for rent.
I used to camp on the beach while it was free but this year I went to the forest. I already know a lot of campers there and I met many more interesting people.

We often share food and drinks and hangout with other camps close by. Sometimes we make a fire and prepare a food while playing guitars and other instruments . There are always many musicians and music lovers on Ada Bojana.  This year I was here with my close friend who is a martial arts specialist so there were a trainings every morning in the camp.


 forest camp training
Forest camp training


There are a also a few good restaurant with fish and sea food. They are not very expensive and quality is usually pretty high. Best one in my opinion is operated by guy called Peša and his family. It is located next to the “Dom Kulture” on the river and is called simply “Kod Peše” (“Peša’s place”). At this place I would also recommend domestic white wine.


Ada Bojana sea food
Ada Bojana sea food


Beach is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. It is very wide and last for many kilometers in both directions. Even today with many more visitors then before you can always find a nice quiet place to chill. Alternatively there are bars with loud techno music and and also some music festivals few times a year.


Ada bojana beach
Ada bojana beach


I have many cool memories from this beach. Playing guitars next to the campfires. Going to a crazy rave parties. Just chilling and reading a book in a shade and of course day drinking with all the other cool people here 🙂


 day drinking
 day drinking


One of the most magical things about Ada Bojana are sunsets. I love taking a walk next to the water in the sunsets and just clearing my thoughts and filing up with some Bojana magic.


Ada Bojana sunset
Ada Bojana sunset


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