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ClubGG Global Dominance: TOP 5 Most Active Countries

ClubGG is one of the most recognizable club-based poker platforms in the world today. It is backed by the GGPoker brand and it comes as a no surprise, that the popularity of the app grows with each passing day.

Unlike the regular poker sites, ClubGG platform is a home to multiple different private ClubGG clubs, each with its different player base, currency and country of origin. Today we are going to reveal, the top 5 most active countries on the platform.

But before we delve right into the TOP 5 list, let’s remind everyone, that  platform is available to everyone around the world. The 5 countries in the list below, are just the main ones populating the app, as of January 2024.

5. ClubGG India

The popularity of ClubGG platform is fairly new in this exotic country, but it grows exponentially. Indian players are well known for their impatient nature and the love of fast paced action.

In Indian clubs you can expect lots of high-variance formats like PLO5, PLO6 with addition of Bomb Pots and Double Boards.

Indian players certainly know, how to have fun on the table. There are rarely tight players, which can be heaven for disciplined grinders.

4. ClubGG Russia

With the state of online poker in Russia, it comes as a no surprise that people there search for all possible unorthodox places to play.

ClubGG platform is home to few Russian clubs, which to the big surprise of many – are not filled with regulars. Russian players are force to be reckon with in the regular poker sites, but on apps, they are quite the opposite. Brutally undisciplined and unbelievably easy to tilt.

The Russian player base  loves to play NLH and PLO5. More often than not, those are the 2 favorite game types around these parts of the world.

3. ClubGG Switzerland

Swiss players grab the 3th place for the most active nationalities on the ClubGG platform. They usually enjoy the game by populating various different international clubs .
There are also few private Swiss ClubGG clubs, in which the player base is almost entirely made up of locals.

2. ClubGG Israel

Players from Israel on ClubGG are so many, that they can easily grab the first spot, if we reevaluate the situation in few months.

There are a TON of private Israeli clubs, populated with EXCLUSIVELY Israeli players. There is also a whole union called Israeli Poker Kingdom, which happens to be the largest on the app.

Israel is the number 1 country in supplying high-stakes whales to the ClubGG platform.

1. ClubGG USA

America is at the top of yet another poker rankings. The vast majority of the player pool on ClubGG is made up of citizens of the United States.

USA is enormous country and it is hard to write a summary about the players coming from there, but few things can be pointed out :

  • They love to play traditional poker games like NLH and PLO4
  • Love freerolls and bonuses of all kinds.
  • Mostly prefer to play low to mid stakes.

There are few American ClubGG Unions, with biggest one being Uproar Alliance. “Massive Union ” is the other one worth mentioning, which is decent in size.

Honorable Mentions

Of course, there are many more nationalities, which fill up the tables at the various ClubGG Clubs, including SpainCanadaUAEGermany and many others, which contribute with lower volume.

Looking to Play at ClubGG?

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Want to explore other options?

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