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Covid19 poker renaissance – crazy online action

What a crazy time to be a poker pro. Everybody is nervous, tilted and  quarantined in their house. Whole world is in panic of deadly virus. People are angry because they are trapped inside. There are no parties of public gatherings. Many people lost their jobs or are working remotely. Most importantly everybody is super bored. All players are online. New players started playing. Casinos are not working. Everybody is gambling online. There was no so much action until last big poker boom in 2003.  This is truly a Covid19 poker renaissance.

So what should you do if you are a poker pro ? JUST GRIND LIKE CRAZY. This is what you were waiting for. Practicing all these years, learning new skills, mastering complicated math, understanding stats and poker software. You should not be tilted. You are more mentally sharp, prepared and used to staying indoors in front of the computer all the time. Its not even important where are you playing. Pokerstars, 888 poker, Party or any other room. Fish is everywhere to be found even on higher limits. I have not seen so many crazy hands in years. When all this quarantine thing is over after few months many new players will continue playing. So in a strange way very bad thing for rest of the world turned out to be great time for online poker.


position in poker pokerdiaries
Full ring poker positions


This is also a great time to start playing online. You can easily learn basics following many online tutorials, articles and videos and jump into the action. Games are soft. Most players have no idea what they are doing and there are many online rooms to chose from. If you are just starting with your poker journey you can learn basics here => poker position and starting hands.

Staying mentally sharp during Covid19 poker renaissance


Schedule your daily routine. Always come to the tables mentally prepared. Exercise every day. Anything you like. It can be yoga, some push-ups, planks and abs or anything else you like. Do not let tension build up in your mind. This goes for anyone not just poker pros. But other professions cannot have negative incomes and not every mistake is costly as in poker. So you can not afford to come to your job not mentally prepared, relaxed and focused. More about this topic in following link => Poker mental game warm-up for best results.


Stay mentally sharp and focused


Always track your results with holdem manager or poker tracker.  Analyze your hands and learn from your mistakes. Come to the next battle with all knowledge about your opponents and thins you can do better. If you do not know better than read articles or watch videos about your specific problems. Do not get lazy and just keep clicking buttons. You should always improve and learn. Only that way you can get best possible results.


Final thoughts

So for most of the people (except doctors and medics obviously) this is a time to rest a little and do not do much work. For you as a poker pro or future poker pro covid19 poker renaissance is time to put in work and long hours. Work on every aspect of your game. Mental game, mathematics, software usage, game understanding and everything else. Stay mentally sharp, focused, prepared and put in long hours of learning and grinding. This is your time to shine.

Good luck and see you at the tables 😉


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