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How to install Poker HUD for free using Hand2Note

In this short tutorial video I will teach you how to install poker HUD for free. We gonna use Hand2Note software. It will have similar functionality as other popular trackers like Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker.  Hand2Note is newer company trying to make their place on the market so they decided to give all of their competitors functionality for free and charge only for advanced features. 

Poker tracking software is used to track your own results and hands played but also to save statistics from all of your opponents you encounter on the table. You can use these valuable information to better know your opponents tendencies and also for studying your own game, spot mistakes and help you in off table studying.


My personal on table HUD with one of the pop-ups


HUD (Heads Up Display) is one part of the software and it provides in game statistics. Hand2Note will give you classical static HUD like in other popular trackers for free. If you wish to use their advanced positional and dynamic HUD features you will have to pay for  subscription.

Reports problem 

Hand2Note will also show you nice graph representing your winrate through hands and as well as expected value, win with and without showdown (red line). Only thing that this software seriously lacks is nice in detail reports like in other trackers . In Poker Tracker and Holdem manager you can see very detailed reports with every day/month/year winrates next to each other. This is something Hand2Note still does not have so we will have to wait for that for the next version.

If you are beginner about poker stats and HUD I advice starting first with Poker stats basics,HUD statistics article.

Without any further due here is instructional video that will teach you how to install poker HUD for free.


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