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How to MAKE MONEY playing poker – AGAINST THE FISH

This will be a few videos series on youtube titled “How to make money playing poker”. First video in the series is explaining how to play against the fish. New players usually start with improving their play and practicing complicated strategies against other regulars. This of course is important but in my opinion most important thing is how you handle recreational players. Are you observant ? Paying attention to their tendencies ? Are they passive or aggressive ? What is the best approach to extract maximum value for every specific weaker or regular player ?

If you are really serious about learning how to make money playing poker start by working on using your HUD and paying attention to your opponents. Make notes about their tendencies and exploit them using that info. These are just a few quick tips to guide you in right direction.  In the following video you will learn how to extract maximum value from weaker players and exploit their playing tendencies. Pay attention and you will be rewarded.

If you like the video and want to continue learning try checking tutorial about using HUD and Holdem Manager.


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