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How to use Holdem manager poker HUD

I already wrote 2 articles about HUD and poker stats. I also explained how to use Equilab and understand ranges. You can read them here.
Now it is time to put that knowledge to good use with Holdem Manager. You can also use Poker Tracker,Drive HUD, Poker copilot or any other HUD software you like. They all offer 30 days free trial to check them out and if you are just starting and don’t want to invest in professional software you can start with a free poker HUD here. If you are interested in Holdem Manager version 3 is recently released. Here is my review – > Holdem manager 3 review.

In the following video I will guide you through my thoughts process during the hands analysis and instruct you how to use Holdem manager to extract information. It will be very similar in any other software and all stats have the same names.

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