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Koh Samui – best accommodation (Samui Hill Caravans)

If your idea of good accommodation is luxury hotels with room services and spa centers you will be very disappointed. On the other hand if you are anything like me and looking for a quiet, clean place near nature with high quality food, friendly stuff, good internet and reasonable prices “Samui Hill Caravans” is absolutely best place on Koh Samui.

I was very lucky to bump into this place online and I planed to stay only one or two days until i find something suitable for longer stay. Now I am here for 2 months already 🙂 First thing you notice when you reach the property are this super cool small tents with rain protection.


 Samui Caravans tent
Samui Caravans tent


They are very cheap for renting and you can also use your own tent if you have one. At first I wanted to take a tent cause it is very cool and charming but the prices for the huts were also very low so i decided to take a hut for a month.


koh samui caravans hut
Samui Caravans hut


On the inside there is not much more space than in tent but i am not spending a lot of time there during the day so i don’t care.


Inside of hut
Inside of hut


Location and owners

Place is located in the south part of Koh Samui in Na Mueng area. To reach Lamai beach (on the east) i needed a motorbike but “Samui Caravans” provide guest with motorbike and bicycle rental with affordable prices.  For me personally quiet place with good internet was a priority because I am not on regular few days vacation. I am living in Thailand for few months every year (since 2013) so i need to work 5-10 hours every day. This turned out to be perfect working place for me. Sometimes poker can be very stressful and here it is very easy to relax and release your tension. When I’m having a bad day I usually do some yoga in the nature, go to the beach for a swim,have a thai massage or spend my evening in the Night market.


koh samui caravans working.pokerdiaries
My little office


Like most thai places this is also a family business.  Whole family lives here,  take care of the property, rent bikes, clean the rooms, do the laundry and prepare food for the guests (owners aunt make some really delicious thai food).
These guys were extremely friendly and helpful and tried to meet all my needs. When I asked them for some northern Thai food (that i tried in Chiang Mai) they told me they don’t have it but tomorrow they got all the ingredients and prepared it especially for me. Super cool 😀


Hill caravans owners.pokerdiaries
with owner “Pok” and his brother “Ping”


Koh Samui Hill Caravans chillout area

All the guests can use area in front of  the huts for relaxation and socialization . There is a wooden roof to protect against the sun, two simple beds, chairs, table and hammock. Oh and i did not tell you best part. Coffee and water is free 🙂 I just love coffee. I usually drink 3/4 a day and if it wasn’t free (like in most other places) that would raise my expenses substantially.


chilling in the shared area
chilling in the shared area


Next to the reception is a small bar and kitchen. Some people go to the market and buy their own food and prepare it here. I never do that i enjoy thai food too much. I only use this place occasionally for work (when there are too many people in shared area).


koh samui caravans bar.pokerdiaries
bar and kitchen


Next to the bar is a backyard chill place. It  is very quiet and you can usually hear only birds from the forest. There is usually nobody there so I love to do yoga here or just lay down and enjoy the silence.


koh samui caravans.pokerdiaries
backyard chill place


Contact Koh Samui Hill Caravans on facebook.


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