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Night market in Koh Samui, Thailand

I was on night market many times in Thailand. They are always fun 😉 This one is located in Chaweng on Koh Samui island. A lot of people are shopping and hanging out. You can find many different food, clothes, cosmetics and many other things.
I always meet some new people, watch music and comedy shows and eat different food on the way.


Night market Koh Samui food
Spring rolls food stand


Everything is cheaper than usual price.  I usually end up with a lot of stuff I did not plan to buy 🙂 This time I got some Indian style pants and shirts. Luckily my friends came sooner than I expected to pick me up. They probably saved me from spending more money.


Soaps in flower shapes


These soaps are so cool. They also smell very nice. On the market they are selling for 150baht (4€). I think I will be back next week to buy few as a present to my friends back home.


Night market Koh Samui barbecue
Barbecue on sticks


There are a lot of different barbecue stands on the market. I prefer this one with mixed meat, vegetables and mushroom sticks. It is also very cheap one stick is 5baht (15cents). You take the white basket, pick your sticks and give it to the barbecue guy.


Night market Koh Samui mango wood
Mango wood carvings


All this stuff are made of mango wood. Same tree that grow delicious fruit. It is becoming more popular in last few years to make furniture and other things from mango wood. It is highly resistant to water and not as heavy, but still strong and durable.


 Koh Samui street food
Seafood stand


I think it is very cool they are using banana leaves instead of plastic. They don’t use it only for stands but you can find a lot of food packed this way.


Night market Koh Samui shop1
Shiny bowls


I love the colors and the way it reflects light. Have to get one bowl for my mom 😀


Koh Samui sushi stand
Sushi stand


This is the most tempting stand for me. Sushi in Koh Samui is so good, fresh and cheap. Back home in Serbia I eat it only occasionally cause it is very expensive. Here in the night market when I find place like this I will just keep on coming until I feel sick to my stomach 😛
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