You are currently viewing Nl100 Rush poker on GG Network part2

Nl100 Rush poker on GG Network part2

In this video I am playing NL100 rush poker on GG Network. This is second part of the same session posted previously.

I am trying to explain my though process and tactics I am using. This is extremely tough game with many regs and not many fish. Even very bad players who are usually huge fish will play little tighter on fast fold games because they do not have to wait between hands. They can easily click fold few times until they get anything decent. This is the main reason we need to focus on every little detail in order to get some edge on the field.

This is not a beginner video and I am explaining only some more advanced concepts through the game. If you are beginner I would suggest looking first some of the videos from the lower limits like nl10 zoom video. There I am focusing more on the basics.

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I was playing 1 hour session and this is second part. Without any further due here is the live play video of nl100 rush poker on GG Network.


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