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NL5 Zoom on Pokerstars – Live play video

This is a video of me playing 6max NL5 Zoom on Pokerstars. Game is a lot different than full ring due to being on blinds more frequently. We need to attack blinds more often and defend from the blind with much wider ranges. This can make some interesting scenarios but can be a little hard to understand for a new comer.
If you are a beginner just starting over I would suggest watching first my full ring video .

Other important thing to consider while playing NL5 Zoom on Pokerstars is difference between regular tables. On the zoom tables every hand we are on the new table with different players. It is much harder to gather information on their play tendencies and tilt level. Sometimes we’ll have no info and would need to improvise. We need to check the stats much more to find information, pay attention to our opponents tendencies and write notes for future references. It can sometimes take more focus since you always need to readjust to new table and check who is on your left and on your right.


I try to explain as much as I can during the game. I cover the basics with starting hands and position explanations. Some more advanced concepts are also mentioned like restealing from the blinds and defending against wide opens. It would still be good to have some knowledge before watching about at least starting hands and positions. There are a lot of resources on the web but unfortunately not many good ones. I would recommend for good articles and videos covering all basics but also more advanced concepts.
During my play I did not explain stats in my HUD because they would be useful only to players using the exact same one but I tried to explain what stat I am referring to for every decision.

Without any further due here is the video. Enjoy 😉



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