You are currently viewing NL50 Go fast hold-up fast forward on Winamax

NL50 Go fast hold-up fast forward on Winamax

In new video I am playing nl50 go fast hold-up fast forward game on Winamax. They are usually called “zoom” or “rush” tables but here they go as “Go fast hold-up”. Field is very weak similar to “Pokerstars” nl50 zoom but with one exception. There are bomb pots like on GG network. They vary in size and on this session I encountered one huge 100bb bomb pot. I used HUD from Hand2note through whole session and many decisions are based on stats.

This is not a beginner video and I am explaining only some more advanced concepts through the game. If you are beginner I would suggest looking first some of the videos from the lower limits like nl10 zoom video.

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Click on video to watch 30 minute session of nl50 go fast hold-up on Winamax


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  1. Milos

    Good video, thank you!

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