You are currently viewing Omaha (PLO) live play on GG network

Omaha (PLO) live play on GG network

This is a short half an hour Omaha (PLO) session on GG network. I am playing 4 tables and focusing on explaining difference between Omaha (PLO) and Holdem to less experienced players. I am not expert in these games since I have much more experience in Holdem but still you can learn the basics and observe games on this site. There will not be much of bluffing especially before the flop since players are rarely folding to aggression. Most of the bluffs in Omaha (PLO) are done on river and sometimes on the turn because people will stick to the nuts mentality. Value of all hands go down comparing to holdem because of two extra cards and many runner draws and gutshots. Be sure to check also my other tutorials here -> Poker live play videos. Without any further due here is the video of me playing live on GG network.

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