Poker coaching

I am pro player for 9 years and coaching poker for 3 years since I started pokerdiaries website. I also make free content on website, youtube and instagram. My current limits are NL100 and NL200 with average winrate of 8BB/100. I offer teaching to players struggling under nl200 limit. My game  is not straight GTO and I do not think yours should be either especially on the lower limits. Every opponent have weakness and in my opinion best approach is identifying villains mistakes and deviate from GTO plays in maximum exploitative direction. Learning best possible mathematical plays should be only the starting point in understanding best strategy.

My sessions include database analysis, finding and fixing your leaks but also analyzing your opponents and finding best possible plays in certain player pools. In my poker coaching I teach in detail understanding of HUD poker stats and utilizing them for the best possible play against your opponents as well as understanding your own mistakes. I can also provide instructions and teaching in developing personal HUD in “Poker Tracker”, “Holdem Manager” and “Hand2note”.

Poker coaching – mental game

Mental game is important quality of every winning player and my teaching will focus equally on technical and psychological part of the game. I will coach you how to reduce tilt, stay mentally sharp and play always your A game. Mental game coaching will consist of proper preparations, and keeping mental game journal. Important part is also teaching you how to spot your session tilt triggers. Every player have different types of tilt and tilt triggers. My goal is to help you understand yours and reduce them to minimum in order to play your best possible poker.

Price for 1 hour poker coaching session is 50€. You can contact me on skype or  instagram.

In the next picture you can see my most recent results from 2022 and 2023.

poker coaching results