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Pork soup at Koh Samui, Thailand (local food)

I really like this small local restaurants in Thailand. They are usually very cheap and provide high quality food. A lot of times there is no food popular with foreigners and sometimes not even English menu. So if you are already bored of Pad Thai and Fried rice in Thailand than finding a small local restaurant can be cool idea. I found this place by wondering around in Koh Samui on motorbike. They had interesting local style pork soup.

small restaurant in Koh Samui


I just went in and tried to ask for some meals first in English and than in Thai but the owner could not understand me. She was very polite and nice and (because there was no English menu) she took her phone and showed me pictures of food. I just randomly picked some soup with no idea how it taste.

restaurant owner, very cool lady


I still don’t know actual name of this food in English(i know Thai name) so i just called it pork soup. There are interesting variations of taste in this dish. Subtle sour taste and also some strong Asian spices. There is pork meat , meatballs and also noodles with some veggies. Only problem is there is no fork. Only spoon and chopsticks. This is (i think so) proper way to eat it.

me eating with spoon and chopsticks


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  1. Rufio0

    Is this some kind of soup ?

    1. Aleksandar Stojkovic

      Traditional Thai pork soup with meatballs. Very interesting and unusual taste for us Europe guys 🙂

  2. Rufio0

    Oh…Yes…I released now.

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